Diggin'Dukes 2023 has ended, but it’s not too late to make your impact on the JMU student-athlete experience.
Men's Basketball

About Our Campaign

Through the support of the Diggin'Dukes campaign, the JMU Men's Basketball team hopes to enhance our summer and in-season nutrition. This is a very important aspect of our program and to our student-athlete experience we need your help so that we can continue to compete at the highest level. 

College basketball programs around the country have daily training table for their team. This isn’t just your normal meal but the nutrition that it provides is something that our student athletes would benefit from because it is something that otherwise they would not eat. The opportunity to have this daily would not only help with our nutrition but also injury prevention. Nutrition is something that gets overlooked within athletic programs and it is something that the programs at the highest level use and benefit from.   

How Your Support Will IMPACT the JMU Men's Basketball Student-Athlete Experience

Your gift, of any amount, will help provide our team with the best possible nutritional support — including summer school meals and in season training table. This will benefit our team not only this season, but for years to come. 

  • 1 gift of $350 supports one meal for our entire team
  • 1 gift of $300 supports nutrition enhancements for one student-athlete
  • 1 gift of $250 supports training table support for one student-athlete
  • 1 gift of $25 supports one meal for one student-athlete

About JMU Men's Basketball

  • First Season: 1969 (2023 is 55th Season)
  • All-Time Record: 827-736 (.529)
  • All-Time Division I Record: 718-634 (.574)
  • All-Time Conference Record: 417-384-2 (.512)
  • Conference Tournament Championships: 3  (1980,1994, 2012)
  • Conference Regular Season Titles: 8 (1981, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1999, 2021)
  • NCAA Winning Seasons: 28
  • 20+ Win Seasons: 14
  • Most Season Wins: 424 (1981-82)
  • Best Season Win %: 800 (24-6), 1881
  • NCAA Tournament Appearances: 5 (1980, 1981, 1982, 1993, 2012)

About Funds Raised During Diggin'Dukes

One hundred percent (100%) of funds raised in support of JMU Men's Basketball during the Diggin’Dukes campaign immediately go to the JMU Men's Basketball Sport Program Fund (restricted-use fund) and benefit the JMU Men's Basketball  student-athlete experience.

Sport program funds are restricted-use funds that can only be utilized by the individual sport program. 100% of gifts made to sport program funds go to the selected sport program and are 100% tax deductible. 

If our goal is achieved, funds that exceed our goal will go to support team operational needs during the 2023-2024 season. 

If we do not achieve our goal, funds raised during the Diggin’Dukes campaign will go to support team operational needs during the 2023-2024 season. 

Funds are allocated at the discretion of our coaches and administration.

Diggin'Dukes Leadership Team Members

Justin Amadi, Xavier Brown & Hollman Smith (Matt Sholtis)

Athletics: Jeff Bourne's Letterwinner Challenge
If 100 JMU alumni student-athletes make a gift to any fund during Diggin'Dukes, Director of Athletics Jeff Bourne will give $7,000 to the Proud & True Fund.
100 / 100 Donors
Men's Basketball Fundraising Goal
Help JMU Men's Basketball achieve our $40,000 goal.
Rank Fund Designation % +/- Fundraising Goal
1 Men's Basketball -70.36% $11,857.00
goal: $40,000.00
Men's Basketball: Hoops Donor Challenge
If 50 donors make a gift to the Men's Basketball Sport Program Fund, John ('85) and Paula Connor will give $7,500 to the Men's Basketball Sport Program Fund.
50 / 50 Donors
Men's Basketball Donor Goal
Help JMU Men's Basketball achieve our 100 donors goal.
Rank Fund Designation % +/- Donor # Goal
1 Men's Basketball -4.00% 96
goal: 100
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Rank State Gifts
1 VA 63
2 NJ 6
3 NY 5
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