Diggin'Dukes 2023 has ended, but it’s not too late to make your impact on the JMU student-athlete experience.
Cross Country

About Our Campaign

As a means to continue to achieve success during our four years at JMU, we strive to raise annual funds for a pre-season training and team-building trip; training access to regional parks; and enhanced training equipment for all weather and course conditions.  

The ability to take a pre-season trip would grant us the opportunity to train together for a week prior to our season. The trip would allow us to build and enhance team chemistry, bonding, training and competition performances, and ultimately success. 

Your support will also be vital for our annual access to local running trails, including Massanutten and Shenandoah National Park. These trails are essential for our preparation to compete for our season by increasing strength and power as we develop more stable muscles and joints!

Lastly, the team would greatly benefit from new alternative training equipment. ElliptiGos have been proven to be one of the most effective ways of cross training for distance runners. This would impact the ability to train in ways that are less injury provoking than running. 

How Your Support Will IMPACT the JMU Cross Country Student-Athlete Experience

Your gift, of any amount, will help provide our team with both on and off course opportunities — including travel, training, and team bonding — to benefit our student-athlete experience.

  • 1 gift of $1,000 supports annual trail passes for the full team
  • 1 gift of $500 supports the pre-season training trip for one student-athlete (includes meals, lodging, transportation, and entertainment)
  • 1 gift of $250 supports ElliptiGo equipment for one student-athlete
  • 1 gift of $50 supports trail passes for one student-athlete

About JMU Cross Country

JMU Cross Country student-athletes participate in three seasons of running — Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track. 

The team spends the summer months, May through August, training independently in preparation for the cross country season in the fall. 

As a new team in the Sun Belt Conference, we placed third in our first appearance at the Sun Belt Conference Championship in 2022. The team is ready to put up a big fight in the 2023 conference championships by showing our inner beast (as Coach Rebekah would say!) and competitive spirit.

About Funds Raised During Diggin'Dukes

One hundred percent (100%) of funds raised in support of JMU Cross Country during the Diggin’Dukes campaign immediately go to the JMU Cross Country Sport Program Fund (restricted-use fund) and benefit the JMU Cross Country student-athlete experience.

Sport program funds are restricted-use funds that can only be utilized by the individual sport program. 100% of gifts made to sport program funds go to the selected sport program and are 100% tax deductible. 

If our goal is achieved, funds that exceed our goal will go to support any team operational needs during the 2023-2024 season. 

If we do not achieve our goal, funds raised during the Diggin’Dukes campaign will go to support team operational needs during the 2023-2024 season. Funds will go to support team operational needs and are allocated at the discretion of our coaches and administration.

Diggin'Dukes Leadership Team Members

Faithe Ketchum & McKenzi Watkins (Rebekah Ricksecker)

Athletics: Jeff Bourne's Letterwinner Challenge
If 100 JMU alumni student-athletes make a gift to any fund during Diggin'Dukes, Director of Athletics Jeff Bourne will give $7,000 to the Proud & True Fund.
100 / 100 Donors
Cross Country Donor Goal
Help JMU Cross Country achieve our 100 donors goal.
Rank Fund Designation % +/- Donor # Goal
1 Cross Country -68.00% 32
goal: 100
Cross Country Fundraising Goal
Help JMU Cross Country achieve our $30,000 goal.
Rank Fund Designation % +/- Fundraising Goal
1 Cross Country -91.31% $2,608.28
goal: $30,000.00
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Rank State Gifts
1 VA 17
2 NJ 2
2 FL 2
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