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Madison Trust unleashes innovation at JMU while making an impact on the greater community. Projects conceived and implemented by our faculty and staff demonstrate how we're Being the Change: These endeavors tackle today’s toughest problems—and with your investment, tomorrow’s solutions will begin to take shape.

Entrepreneurial solutions for plastic problems (GIVE NOW)

This sustainability focused project will include the production and testing of material blends for their ability to withstand various environmental conditions and uses, product development for local and international markets, and economic feasibility studies.

Trash to Treasure: Part 2 (GIVE NOW)

Styrofoam is a waste product without a recycling option in most places. This project will continue research on the production of building blocks from waste styrofoam, including structural, thermal and environmental tests in lab settings, construction of full scale walls, and improvements on the production process.

MeshSAT: Wireless network for satellites in Low Earth Orbit (GIVE NOW)

The MeshSAT development effort is a program focused on designing, developing, testing, and launching a constellation of small satellites to provide the growing satellite market with access to low cost, reliable LEO wireless networking and seamless communications to the ground.

Africa Medical Supply Chain Experiential Learning Project (GIVE NOW)

In 2020, the JMU supply chain club was able to ship two 40' containers filled with hospital equipment to Ethiopia and Congo. Given the success of this endeavor, we are seeking support for warehouse costs for 2021 and to formalize an experiential learning platform for the supply chain students at JMU.

Global Learning Experiences for Student Well-Being (GIVE NOW)

The goal of this project is to address student loneliness, apathy, and stress by improving the availability and quality of faculty-led global learning experiences (to include global virtual exchange, study abroad, and normal classes with intercultural competence activities embedded within).

Wellness 360 (GIVE NOW)

Wellness 360 is an innovative, holistic service expansion of the Healthcare for the Homeless Suitcase Clinic which students and homeless individuals within the Harrisonburg area are partnered together to work towards getting healthy and staying healthy.

Madison Community Consultants (GIVE NOW)

Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) is preparing to launch Project THRIVE: a facilitated curriculum created directly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and designed to help cohorts of local businesses and nonprofits move from surviving to thriving.

Call the Midwife: Piloting an in-home model of prenatal care by a solo midwife (GIVE NOW)

Providing pregnancy care in the patient's home instead of a traditional office setting. Includes being on call for their assigned patient's labor and birth. Emphasizes continuity of care model and they are able to assess the midwifery approach to care.

Collaborative Pedagogies Across the Curriculum: Imagining Justice (GIVE NOW)

This project will support a series of small workshops with faculty participants from humanities, social sciences, science, and engineering, to collaboratively develop mutually informed teaching modules oriented toward imagining and building more just futures at the intersection of science, technology, and society (STS).

 BizLab @ JMU | Phase Two (GIVE NOW)

During BizLab's pilot phase, we found the role of Program Manager to be of critical importance to students’ success with customer interaction, communication, and production of high-quality deliverables.  Funding to maintain that position and adding a GA for administrative support is essential for BizLab to maximize efficiency, quality, and long-term sustainability while best serving our JMU student employees and local businesses.

Night Owl Challenge
The first $250 in gifts made to any funds will be matched dollar for dollar.
Early Bird Challenge
The first $250 in gifts made to any fund will be matched dollar for dollar.
Race to Midnight Challenge
Congratulations to Furious Flower Poetry Center and The Hart School for winning this challenge!
$1,000 MATCHED
$30K Midday Scholarships Challenge
DEADLINE EXTENDED! 3,000 gifts will unlock $30,000 in student scholarships. Brought to you by John Taschek (’86) and an Anonymous Alumna
3,000 / 3,000 Gifts
Around the World Challenge
Congratulations to the Center for Global Engagement who received a gift from Australia! G'Day mates!
Commuters' Challenge - Good luck finding that parking spot!
Congratulations to African, African American and Diaspora Studies Center on winning the commuter challenge. Hope you found that parking spot!
New Day, New Donor Challenge
The Marching Royal Dukes Fund won the new donor challenge, Virginia's Finest indeed!
Madison Giving Challenge
Congratulations to the Proud and True Fund for winning the Madison Giving Challenge. Show your colors!
JMU Family Challenge
COB Scholarships, Madison Vision and Parents Fund are the winners!
Alumni Challenge
Madison For Keeps Scholarships won the alumni challenge!
Student Challenge
The Breeze and College of Integrated Science and Engineering has won the Student Challenge!
Overall Gifts Leaderboard
Which area can bring in the most gifts for giving day?
Rank Area Gifts
1 Duke Club - Proud and True Fund 637
2 College of Business 460
3 College of Education 339
4 Madison Vision Fund 327
5 College of Arts and Letters 318
6 Madison for Keeps Scholarships 259
7 Furious Flower Poetry Center 259
8 College of Science and Mathematics 215
9 Marching Royal Dukes 203
10 African, African American & Diaspora Studies 201
11 Alumni Chapters 156
12 Valley Scholars 141
13 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 141
14 Across the University 140
15 College of Health and Behavioral Studies 131
16 College of Visual and Performing Arts 130
17 Honors College 127
18 College of Integrated Science and Engineering 93
19 Center for Global Engagement 92
20 Dukes Pay it Forward 69
21 The Breeze 64
22 Scholarships 57
23 Center for Civic Engagement 45
24 University Recreation (UREC) 45
25 JMU Libraries 45
26 Parents Fund 43
27 Duke Club - Young Alumni Program 29
28 Student Aid 28
29 Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression 24
30 Madison Trust 21
31 Student Duke Club 18
32 Graduate School 18
33 JMU X-Labs 13
34 Debate Team 4
Overall Dollars Leaderboard
Which area can raise the most dollars?
Rank Area Raised
1 Duke Club - Proud and True Fund $148,605.46
2 College of Business $67,799.96
3 Madison for Keeps Scholarships $47,476.05
4 College of Arts and Letters $41,859.06
5 Madison Vision Fund $36,257.51
6 College of Visual and Performing Arts $17,484.18
7 Marching Royal Dukes $16,592.94
8 African, African American & Diaspora Studies $16,373.00
9 College of Education $15,294.00
10 Alumni Chapters $14,410.00
11 Valley Scholars $14,365.00
12 College of Science and Mathematics $14,303.00
13 Furious Flower Poetry Center $14,225.00
14 College of Integrated Science and Engineering $13,649.00
15 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion $11,712.00
16 Across the University $10,582.00
17 Honors College $9,787.00
18 College of Health and Behavioral Studies $8,705.00
19 Center for Global Engagement $7,925.01
20 Parents Fund $7,729.00
21 The Breeze $6,710.00
22 Dukes Pay it Forward $5,460.00
23 Center for Civic Engagement $4,695.00
24 Scholarships $4,610.00
25 Madison Trust $4,025.00
26 University Recreation (UREC) $3,009.96
27 JMU Libraries $2,695.12
28 Student Aid $2,670.00
29 Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression $1,600.00
30 Duke Club - Young Alumni Program $1,515.00
31 Student Duke Club $940.00
32 JMU X-Labs $745.00
33 Graduate School $553.00
34 Debate Team $80.00
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