THANK YOU! By clicking here, you can still make your gift to JMU even though our Reaching New Heights campaign is over.

Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about JMU Reaching New Heights 2023.

What is Reaching New Heights all about?

Reaching New Heights is a weeklong fundraising opportunity—starting February 19—that gives the JMU family—alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends—the chance to show their pride in James Madison University’s rise to national prominence, celebrate JMU achievements and support key fundraising priorities across campus.

How can my gift be counted toward Reaching New Heights?

From February 19-24, 2023, come to this Reaching New Heights site to make your gift and be counted as part of the week.

Who can participate?

Everyone! Support from alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends will be the key to success during Reaching New Heights week February 19-24, 2023!

How do I find the fund I want to support?

Once you select 'Make a Gift!' you'll be taken to a giving form. At the top of the form, there will be a School, College, Department or Program dropdown. Select the department or program and then click on the Fund Designation dropdown. Begin to type in the name of the fund you'd like to support. Once you see it, click on it and you're all set.

Where does my gift go?

You can choose to designate your gift to one of the university’s priority funds or any of your favorite academic programs. Go to the home page to select the fund(s) you want to support.

How can I help spread the word?

Your voice will make Reaching New Heights 2023 a success. Post about Reaching New Heights on all of your social networks using #JMUNewHeightsTell your friends about Reaching New Heights and urge other Dukes to participate!

Is JMU going to host its annual Giving Day?

This year, Reaching New Heights will replace our traditional Giving Day so that we can celebrate JMU’s recent achievements with a week of giving opportunities. Your gift matters as much as ever, so decide which day(s) you want to give to support JMU priorities and your particular JMU passion.

Is my payment secure?

Yes! All payments will be processed using a secure online giving form. The information collected during Reaching New Heights will be used only by James Madison University.

Can I make a gift by mail or phone?

Due to the tight time period of Reaching New Heights, only gifts made online or over the phone on February 19-24 will count toward our overall totals. If you would like to make a gift by phone, please call (855) 568-4483 from 8AM to 5PM any weekday and designate your gift for Reaching New Heights.

Will my gift be tax-deductible?

Yes, except for some athletics gifts, your gift is entirely tax deductible. You will receive an email confirmation that can serve as your receipt for tax purposes. Tax law does not allow a deduction on gifts to athletics used to receive ticket benefits. All gifts to athletics unrelated to these benefits are 100 percent tax-deductible. For more information regarding tax deductibility on your gift to JMU athletics, please call the JMU Duke Club at (540) 568-6461.

Can I ask my company to match my gift to Reaching New Heights?

Yes. You can double or even triple your gift! Hundreds of companies will match your donations to JMU (Your spouse's company may even qualify). Search for your employer or company name here.

Note: We are listed in most systems as James Madison University Foundation, Inc. 


Can I make my gift anonymously?

Online gifts will NOT be anonymous. James Madison University will have access to relevant gift information such as name, address and email for receipting purposes. However, you may choose to hide your name and/or your donation amount on the Donor Wall.

If you have any additional questions concerning anonymity, please call our giving hotline at 855-568-4483.

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