Being the Change Challenge

Additional funds will be awarded from the Giving Day Challenge Fund to the Colleges that raise the bar by surpassing their total number of gifts from JMU Giving Day 2018

Brought to you by the Women for Madison Executive Advisory Council

*Disclaimer: Final award amounts are dependent upon total non-designated challenge donations received, and will be split evenly among the Colleges that fulfill this challenge. Anticipated total award amount of $10,700 to be split evenly among winners.


Hourly Challenges

Additional funds will be awarded from the Challenge Fund throughout JMU Giving Day to winners of the hourly challenges below. Each fund featured on the webpage is eligible to win up to one available hourly challenge throughout the day for Giving Day 2019.

Brought to you by the generous donors of VIP gifts to the Giving Day Challenge fund.


*Disclaimer: Hourly Challenge award amounts subject to increase – refer to Hourly Challenge Leaderboards throughout Giving Day for updated award amounts!

Threshold Challenges

Help unlock these challenges for JMU Giving Day 2019!

College Challenges

See if your College has a Giving Day College Challenge – visit your College’s subpage on the JMU Giving Day website!

Athletics Challenges

Visit the JMU Duke Club subpage to check out the Athletics Challenges for Giving Day 2019!